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Lucinda and myself are very pleased with the house John Schmidt and his crew built for us. To meet the constraints of obtaining a construction loan, John worked with us through the budget and made it possible for us to get the necessary financing. Construction itself went very smoothly and without problems. Communication with John was excellent. Questions were addressed and resolved in an efficient and professional manner. The carpenters working for John are competent and enthusiastic; they form a cohesive crew. It was a pleasure talking with them and watching them work. As an Architect I am especially impressed with the quality of the cast-in-place concrete and the precision of the carpentry. Although a lot of features like increased insulation and air tightness were new for John and his crew, we appreciated their openness and interest in learning about these features and then executing the necessary steps. The house is now pre-certified as Passive House and will hopefully attain fully certified status after a final blower door test and inspection. We wish John and his crew all the best and are certain of their continued success. We are really happy in our new house. ~ Lucinda and Matthias Oppliger

We have the highest regard for John Schmidt and his crew, Betsi and I were just about to list our house for sale when we were shocked by a small leak in our roof.  It turns out that we had dry rot in a portion of our roof caused by moisture in the insulation framing cavity, due to inadequate roof ventilation. (A not uncommon problem with Sea Ranch houses).  We hired John Schmidt to repair our roof. We didn’t know John but he was recommended by our Roofer, Todd Iverson. I feel we were extremely fortunate. John carefully explained what had happened with our roof and how the problem would be corrected, sending me emails and sketches of the proposed work. In a matter of a few weeks John and his company had completely repaired our roof and added roof ventilation to prevent the problem from ever occurring in the future. We were away from home when the repairs were being made and John kept us fully informed with daily email reports and pictures as the work progressed. We highly recommend John and his company without hesitation. ~ John and Betsi Carey

John Schmidt is not your ordinary contractor; he has an eye for detail that every home owner would value. His work in my home always is commented upon by others; he is a craftsman. Quality at an affordable price with a company that honors its commitments; it doesn't get much better. ~ Mary Jo Alderson, The Sea Ranch

I am a practicing Interior Designer located at The Sea Ranch, with an extensive design background in commercial, corporate and residential Interior Design. As my practice is located at The Sea Ranch, the majority of my projects are located within The Sea Ranch and the adjacent coastal communities.  John Schmidt has been the contractor on many of my projects over the years, and each project differed in  scope, budget and design complexity.
        I could determine, first hand, that regardless of the project size or scope, John and his crew possessed the necessary  abilities to accomplish the task at hand. John Schmidt and his crew were masterful in executing the vision and the vision of the clients on each project. I believe that the true testimonial to a contractor is not only in  pleasing the client or homeowner, but the designer as well.  John and his crew achieved this end result in each and every project through quality communication, team work and expertise.
      I appreciate that John Schmidt has developed a very capable and cohesive crew, who have worked with him for many, many years.   They are all skilled, professional, hardworking, diligent team players who possess strong work ethics and are devoted to the project.  John Schmidt delivered the expected results, industry protocols were followed, he is respectful, honest and a pleasure to work with. ~ Gayle Forster, Gale Forster Interior Planning & Design

John Schmidt and his crew did an excellent job on a major remodel of our Sea Ranch home. John's bid was the most thorough and professional one we received.  The job was started on time, and we received frequent updates by email.  John was very attentive and responsive to emails and phone calls.    Changes were addressed in a professional way with accurate change orders and billing.   The job site was cleaned up every day.  We have built three houses in addition to this project, and we feel that John's company was as professional and competent as any we have hired and more so than many.  I would recommend John Schmidt Construction to anyone. ~ Harriet Rose and Steve Keller

John Schmidt was the subcontractor hired to execute the framing, siding, window/door installations, decks, finish carpentry & tile for our home at The Sea Ranch. We were entirely satisfied with the result.  I have worked in the building construction industry for 40 years, and John is one of the finest craftsmen I have ever met.  Our project, a home on the bluff 30 feet away from the Pacific Ocean, needed high quality construction; what was delivered was above and beyond high quality.  As a result, we continue to enjoy beautiful detailing, excellent weather protection and trouble free performance several years later. ~ Craig, Yard Arm, Designed by Lundberg Design

John Schmidt is an outstanding contractor.  We hired him to completely remodel our home at The Sea Ranch—the kitchen, both bathrooms, all floors, lighting, the works.  John took the time to listen to exactly what we wanted.  He always found a way to say YES—to make it all happen just as we wanted—he consistently delivered every single thing as promised.  The quality of his workmanship was superior.  He was EXTREMELY PRESENT throughout the entire project.  He did not delegate the work to others who were left alone to figure out what to do—he was present and demonstrated outstanding leadership.  When we said we wanted the fireplace to look a certain way, John made it happen.  When we said we wanted the painting above the fireplace to glide up and down to "reveal" a hidden television, John made it happen.  He approached every aspect of the job with a calm, professional demeanor.  We had zero conflicts with John.  He always found a way to deliver what we wanted.  As mentioned, the job was a complete remodel.  John said he would do it in 4 months time, and he did it in slightly less than 4 months time.  His planning and execution were meticulous.  He delivered on every single count.  His price was very reasonable considering other alternatives.  We were living three hours away during the entire remodel, but John's great communication skills enabled us to stay connected and informed every step of the way.  We would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone for any type of job, and we would welcome the chance to have him do another remodel for us.   ~ Thom Matson and Hank Stuart, The Sea Ranch

I am a retired architect. I was a partner in a San Francisco firm that specialized in corporate and university research laboratory facilities. I have extensive experience in design and construction.  John Schmidt built our Sea Ranch home. As we began to look for a contractor his name kept coming up.  Architects, subcontractors, owners all had positive things to say about John.  We hired him before we started the design process in order take advantage of his experience with local permit and construction issues.  He made many contributions to the design that positively affected cost and schedule.  The members of John’s crew are all talented craftsmen.  He knows the local subcontractor market and uses excellent electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall, painting, etc., firms.  John is absolutely honest, fair, and accurate about costs.  We achieved a beautiful home within our budget and in a timely manner. We would be happy to show you his excellent work at your convenience. Just call Jack & Diana Damonte at 510-527-1627

We greatly value the knowledge, skill, and superior customer service of J. Schmidt Construction, and highly recommend the company to anyone considering any building project, large or small.  John Schmidt is not only an extremely fine craftsman, he is an artist, and he and his crew have been a joy to work with in the construction of our house addition, as well as in several subsequent home projects.  In creating our fairly elaborate house addition, John utilized his superior knowledge of materials,  color, and design, resulting in an exceptionally beautiful and functional living space that compliments our existing home.  John does not consider a project to be complete until it is perfect down to the last detail, and the customer is completely satisfied.  ~ James & Lorna Scholl

In 2006 we purchased a very complicated unfinished 4,200 square foot house.  It was basically a shell.  We hired John Schmidt as our general contractor to finish the house.  Not only did he oversee the plumbers, electricians and painters but he and his crew did all the carpentry.  He is a master craftsman, does beautiful work and is very thorough.  We were and are very pleased with the home he built us.  Several years later we hired him to build a horse fence around 70 acres.  He and his crew are friendly and very efficient.  I have in the past remodeled homes in Aspen, Carmel Valley and in Mill Valley.  John is the best contractor I have ever hired. He is hard working, honest, conscientious, reliable, dependable, and a gentleman of great integrity.  He is also very easy to get along with and was a great collaborator during the many decisions that needed to be made as the job progressed.  He stands behind his work 100% and he is very loyal to his crew. If I were planning to build or remodel another home, I would hire him in a heartbeat. ~ J. McAbery

There are 3 qualities I require before I will work with a contractor—I need to trust in his integrity, have confidence in his ability, and feel comfortable that he will listen to my questions or concerns.  John Schmidt exceeded all of my expectations, and more.  He worked with me on a renovation project, and did a fabulous job.  He was respectful of my budget and my time.  I couldn't have been more pleased, and will look no further than him for any future construction project, big or small. ~ Susan Moorse

Dave and I have known John Schmidt for over 13 years.  He was involved in the construction of our home in Sea Ranch and later became a wonderful resource for my real estate business.  I referred John to many of my clients who needed quality construction repairs completed in a short amount of time.  John always came thru and completed the project resulting in a very happy client. Several years ago we hired John for repair work on our home and we were thrilled with the quality of the work, the friendliness of the crew and the speed in which it was completed. When unexpected issues popped up, John was quickly at our side to make recommendations on the appropriate manner in which to resolve them.  We would confidently recommend John and his team for any project. He is honest, hard working and a pleasure to work with. ~ Kathleen and Dave Ball

I have nothing but praise for John Schmidt, who built an addition to my Sea Ranch home and completely renovated the courtyard area. This was a difficult job, involving extending the foundation and one whole side of the house, but the job could not have been in better hands. Schmidt is a perfectionist in the best sense of the word: no detail is too small to escape his sharp eye. In his addition, his work ethic was admirable: he was not satisfied until every bit of the addition met not only my expectations and high standards but his own.  I recommend him, and his work, most highly. ~ Andrea Lunsford

I used John Schmidt to build my new house at Sea Ranch and would highly recommend him. His knowledge and experience with specific quality construction methods in our rugged, wind driven area is second to none! I found John's pricing very competitive and his quality is outstanding. You get more than your money's worth with J. Schmidt Construction Inc.~ Steve B.

John Schmidt and his crew were professional, easy to work with, and timely. He has completed two large jobs at our home and both times John worked within our initial budget and produced a finished product to our complete satisfaction. ~ The Gordons, Irish Beach

My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the job John Schmidt did building our house, there were no surprise costs, John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of construction, he came back to finish the kitchen, the tile floor, and the flagstone walkway. We have been here 5 years with no problems, it’s always dry under the house, nothing leaks, and nothing has been repaired, 5 stars. ~ Bill & Jana


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